Heritage & Beer tasting weekend

The Heritage & Beer tasting weekend comprises:

- A guided tour of the Abbey: You will hear the surprising story of the abbey from its very foundation until the 21st century; 

- A beer tasting by the brewer himself: You will discover four local beers brewed by the nearby brewery "La BdB" and have the opportunity to exchange directly with the brewer.

- Overnight and Breakfast at the Septfontaines Abbey: A once in a lifetime experience in a serene French Heritage monument.

Price: Overnight 120 euros - Continental breakfast 12 euros per person - Guided tour 6 euros per person - Commented beer tasting complimentary for guests

When: Sunday 18th September 2022 at 11.00 AM (overnight on Friday and/or Saturday)

Where: 6, route de l'abbaye de Septfontaines, F-52700 Andelot-Blancheville

Registration: airevents@alba-management.eu