AIR Advisory supports clients in the below niche areas: 

  • Policy shaping;
  • Leadership: personal leadership, motivational leadership, strategic leadership;  
  • Security & safety management: on-site assessments, recommendations and action plan, streamlining of security & safety plans;
  • Incident preparedness, crisis management and business continuity: testing of crisis management and business continuity plans, training of crisis cells members, specific approach for environments demanding cautious handling given the presence of young individuals such as schools; 
  • Travel and facilities management: corporate travel reorganisation, cost optimisation, relations with providers, traveller information and training, visa management ;
  • Peacebuilding, mediation and role of gender
  • Awareness raising and training: e-learning for travellers, Hostile Environment Awareness Training for expats and corporate travellers, board members, 1st aid training including in post-attack contexts; 
  • Change & talent management: organisational culture change, conflict management; 
  • Support throughout whole project life cycle: assessment, implementation, project & programme evaluation.
  • Communication and graphic design: development of high-impact communication campaigns and materials.

We deploy consultants for short- and long-term projects with you.

Our latest service offering


We accompany you to become a recognised leader according to your business objectives. LMI's award-winning Total Leader Concept will take you to next stages of your career & life.


We deliver Crisis management training; expatriation training; HEAT and tactical first aid; training for law enforcement professionals ; judicial sector training; media training.


We work hand in hand with facilities managers and travel managers to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the travel industry and put in place a internal customer focused and cost efficient travel function.


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We organise a conf call to define objectives and assess potential for cooperation

Step 2

We develop a project proposal containing deliverables and pricing

Step 3

We work together during project implementation towards joint successes