AIR Terre takes you on a journey.

A journey to unique moments that bring you closer to your very essence.

We select unique products for you and are happy to introduce fantastic local producers. At the moment, we are working hand-in-hand with a fabulous champagne estate and bring their inspiring bubbles to you in Luxembourg. 

We organise cooking classes focusing on traditional recipes and passing on family and oral history linked to Southern ingredients balance.

We tailor discovery week-ends for you and your friends, all focused on returning to the roots. 

One of them takes you on a discovery tour of the champagne region : take a guided tour of the champagne cellars, picnic in the wine yards with local products at your fingertips, spend the night and have breakfast in a 12th century abbey before going back to 'normal' life...

We are epicureans who like to share our passions with others.

Discovery getaways

fabulous champagne